Friday, April 23, 2010

Vaca in Vegas

Today was a crazy, upseting and fun day. Im here in Vegas visiting friends and family and well found out I was gonna be here for Pure aloha (Hawaiian Festival). So me and my cousin Chanele got ready with our 3 kids so you know we didnt leave on time LOL... the life of a mommy... but were all excited to listen to hawaiian music, see hawaiian people, eat hawaiian food, ect. Well we get there everything is so expensive and when we get our food thinking its gonna be POLYNESIAN STYLE kind plate.... that was the smallest plate lunch I had ever seen in my life... wat a rip off!!!! And then we look around and find some hawaiian flowers for only 0.55 cents and that totally made our day!! The kids were getting kind of fussy cuz you know they dont like that kind of food so we go to Mcdonalds to feed them and let them play on the play ground while the mommies whind down for the day... now got to go and pack for my 6 hour trip back to the Mormon state with my cousin Chanele, who by the way is so awsome for taking this trip just to drop me off at home, Love you cuz. Glad to go home and see my loving husband who has been missing me and Makua (our son) desperately!! Im coming home baby!!!

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