Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cherish every moment

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if someone you loved or were close too wasnt apart of your life anymore? And how come we never really think about this question until it actually happens or it comes pretty damn close to it? Well last night I had a reality check. I almost lost my best friend; the love of my life; the father of my child; my husband while he was away at work. I had always knew his job was a little bit more on the dangerous side, being a security guard in areas that are really getto, but he was strong and always seemed to be on top of the situations no matter how dangerous they may be. So I never worried about it that much... until last night.

I was at home talking to my cousin, Chanele, for a couple of hours. Just talking to each other about life, love, and well just plain cracking up. I looked over at the clock and realized it was getting late as she did the same. She had to go and put her two boys down for bed, while my son, Makua, was just waking up and was probably going to be hungry and want a bottle. So we said goodnight to each other and promised to call each other tomorrow. As I got off the phone and walked over to my crying son, who was obviously hungry, I thought for that split second what my husband was doing that very same moment. While I was in the process of feeding Makua the phone rang. I checked the caller id as I always do before I answered the phone and saw to my surprize it was my husband's job calling. I answered the phone,
"Hello is this Mrs. Ako?"
"This is Lt. Rodgers, I was hoping to catch you before you left."
"Excuse me? Left where?"
"To pick up the car, Wendell told me you would be on your way to pick up your car. Didnt Wendell call you? Do you not know what is going on?"
"No he never called me?"
"Oh.... Well.... I hate to be the one to tell you this but Wendell is being sent to the hospital."
"WHAT?! Is he ok? What happened?"
"Well from what I heard he choked on his dentures. I talked to the paramedics and they said there taking him to the hospital to just check up on him. But from what I got he is ok."

Relief spread throughout my whole body. I felt as if I was standing on the edge of a cliff leaning forward to take a look down at the ocean below and just before I slip and fall to my doom someone pulls me away from the edge to safety. He was ok. Thats all that mattered to me at the time.

So now after I got the information I needed to pick up the car and which hospital my husband was at I got off the phone and made some phone calls to my sister in law, Melissa, to give me a ride to get the car and if she could watch my son while I went to the hospital. Well on our way down to get the car Melissa and I were thinking to each other, how the hell do you choke on dentures. At the time I didnt realize how extreme the situation was. I mean when you think about someone choking on dentures you cant help but laugh and maybe even make fun of. But that all changed the minute I saw my husband in the ER.

He was laying down on the hospital bed with an oxygen tube in his nose and IV stuck in his right arm. His eyes looked so weary as if he hadnt slept in weeks with dark circles under his eyes, his skin was the most pale I had ever seen on a Polynesian. It made him look almost purple rather then turning white. And his lips were a light purple color to them, no longer the soft light pink lips I knew all too well. He looked so weak, as if I were to squeeze him too hard I would surely break something.

It was very hard to see my husband this way. As I stood there looking at him with anxious eyes. I couldnt help myself but start balling right there in front of him. Like he wasnt already feeling crappy enough he has me there balling like a baby at the realization of what was happening. My husband then explained to me that the dentures he was choking on was still in his throat creeping its way down his chest. Right then the doctor entered and told us that my husband would have to go to surgery but that they were only going to put him to sleep so that they could pull out the dentures with ease rather then my husband fighting with them as they go down his throat. Well as my husband and I were wait for them to take him to surgery he then explained to me what had happened.

He was walking up a flight of stairs playing with his dentures in his mouth flipping it around and around like it was some sort of hard candy (I hated it when he would do that) and was loosing his breath. So he took in a deep breath and the dentures followed after. He then realized what was happening and noticed that he was all alone. He tried punching his chest, throwing his back into the walls, poles and cars that were surrounding him to try and pop his dentures out as you would when you choke on a piece of ice from your drink. He could feel himself starting to black out and with all his might slammed himself against a parked car. This didnt pop out the dentures but it didnt move it to were he was able to breath. That is when he realized he needed to find help. He then started to bang on doors, but as he was doing this an moving around the dentures found its way back to clog his breathing and found himself again throwing himself at pole and parked cars until finally some old man and his granddaughter answered there door and was able to help knock the dentures out of the way so he could breath. Well as they did this it still didnt pop his dentures out it made him inhale it, but he was able to breath ok. Then the old man called 911 and the paramedics brought him here to the ER.

As my husband told me this story I couldnt help but think about what I would have done if no one had answered their doors to help him. I would have probably lost him forever. I wouldnt have my Wendell here beside me to love me, make me laugh when I am sad, to help me raise our son... OUR SON would grow up WITHOUT his DADDY!! I couldnt bear to think about it any further. All I had to focus now is that my husband was alive and well and I couldnt help to think of my Heavenly father and my Grandpa Oler watching over me and my family. Right at that moment I knew I was being blessed because our family had brought god and the church into our lives and the fact that I was planning on getting baptised this Saturday probably had a big part of this. And I will thank him every day for watching over me and my family.

Really... Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones whether it be with spouses, parents, your children, grandparent, grandchildren, bf or gf, love them with all your heart cuz you never know what tomorrow may hold!!

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  1. oh my goodness!!! what a blessing!!! i had no idea this happened. hope he is all better now!