Friday, May 21, 2010

Whats been going on.....

A lot has happened since my last blog....

Well first off I got a new job with Wells Fargo at their call center.. now there is good news and bad news to this job, but more good then bad. Bad news is that I don't start till June 7th and I really needed to start sooner then that to be able to pay off the rest of my bills and rent. I will also be working the night of the premiere for the new twilight movie Eclipse.

Ok good news is that I will be making $17.50 an hour plus incentives. Also I get benefits like medical and dental, something I really need once my medicad for Makua runs out!! My schedule is 2:30pm-11pm Monday-Friday during training. After training the same time but Tuesday-Saturday. So I can still go to the premiere but I can only go to the Eclipse movie and not the Trilogy which is you watch all three movies and that starts at 7:15pm. But I guess that that is something I will have to live with

Wendell got a new job that he is supposed to start soon. This new job pays him more then his other one did and they will be able to work around my hours so that Wendell and I wont need to find a Day Care Center for Makua! Which is something I never want to do... Ever!

Makua is eating baby food now. As you can see in the video, his first was banana and then Rice Cereal. The rice cereal is his favorite cuz we mix his formula with it. But now he likes sweet potato... He is growing up so fast its crazy sometime. He already has developed a personality!! Which is a lot like my own... He is just so... Mr. ALOHA! He smiles at everyone he meets and you cant help to smile back even if you are having the worst day of your life one look and that's all it takes.

My husband and I were realizing we needed some us time.... with being parents, working, paying bills, and trying to find time to sleep.. one can forget to just enjoy each other.. So we put Makua down for the night and decided to have a date night. Now we are kinda broke at the moment and cant afford to go out so we had a romantic dinner in which my husband cooked and then watched a movie on our TV. It felt so good to just hang out with my best friend. Now we did have some romantic moments but mostly we enjoyed making each other laugh and just reminiscing most of the night.

Family is definitely one of the most important things in my life!

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  1. Aww I loved the Video... Miss you guys soo much!!1 we need to live closer. Im so glad everything worked out for the better. It feels good ehrn u maken good money to provide for the family. A hard working mama... Love it:) Love you chica... call you tomorrrow... charge up them phones girl....hahaha